About Me

In 2011, while working in Africa, I began my journey as a needle felting artist but there was no way I could limit myself to just needle felting even though it still is one of my main passions. I also love wet felting (nunno felting), sculpting, painting, sewing and clothing design. While I am still an avid singer, once upon a time I was a classically trained, professional opera singer as well as a trained sugar artist. 

In 2014 I returned to the United States and started exploring realistic teddy bear making. My goal is to strive for the perfect balance between a realistic looking bear and a traditional teddy bear. From time to time I also like to throw some character into the mixture by making outfits for them.

I firmly believe that art is something that lives in your soul. Trained or not, sometimes you just have to let it out in the way it chooses to manifest itself from you. More often than not, you will surprise yourself with what you can do.

It is my sincere hope that my bears and critters bring collectors the same joy I experience when creating them.